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WLAAC Board Meeting February 16 2017

Date: Thursday, Feb. 16th Time: 7:00 p.m. Address: 1234 Country Heights Ln (Clare Palmer) Secretary’s Report – Clare Palmer Treasurer’s Report – Jeffrey Rees Old Business 1. ArtPlace Grant: a. The committee from the city dropped the Art Center component of the grant and is concentrating on Affordable Housing, Health and Architecture. b, A small committee is compiling the grant to be presented by Feb. 22. c. WLAAC may still oversee classes on immigration. […]

WLAAC Meeting Minutes, June, 2010

WLAAC Meeting Minutes

6/23/10 6pm

Meeting called to order at 6:25pm June 23, 2010

Menu consisted of a corn meal based chowder and spinach infused chicken brats.

Members present: Pres Cara Calvin-McFerren, Secretary Clifford McFerren

Motion made by Pres Cara to take a cell phone call from her mother, Seconded by Clifford. Mother Calvin discussed chaffing dishes and taking a day off July 16th, very interesting. She also mentioned the jug […]